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Tuomas: Mexico - 27th to 31st of July

We are warned beforehand that in Mexico nothing works. And for a good reason. The list of things that don’t work includes at least showers, toilets, playing gear, electricity, schedules, car tires...

Greetings from South America

The South American tour is going well. All shows so far have been sold out and the band tells that they have been treated “like royalty”. Check out the discussion board for gig reports and other...

Tuomas: Panama - 23rd to 26th of July

The flight to Panama on “Aereo Boliviano” airlines which brings the horror stories about South American air traffic security to our minds. However, our prejudices were shamefully washed away when...

Tuomas: Argentina - 19th to 22nd of July

In the morning we say goodbye and head for Buenos Aires which the travel guide says to be the most boring city in Latin America. I don’t know about boring but the local night culture surprises us...

Tuomas: Chile - 16th to 18th of July

We wake up 4 o'clock in the morning and head for the plane to Chile. There is nothing left of ecstasy and humor of last night except a note in the diary. We haven’t slept for more than a couple of...

Tuomas: Brazil - 12th to 15th of July

The group which includes the five band members and our roadie/technician Tero Kinnunen and the tour manager Ewo Rytkönen has finally found each other at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport cafeteria where...


Nightwish’s Wishmaster is now number 3 in the Official Finnish Charts and number 22 in the Official German Charts!

Wishmaster on #1

Nightwish’s new album WISHMASTER is NUMBER 1 in The Official Finnish Charts!!

New album: Wishmaster

The new Nightwish album WISHMASTER will hit the stores in May 2000 (release date: 29th, in Finland: 19th) The album will be released in Germany, Austria & Switzerland by DRAKKAR RECORDS....

Wishmaster World Tour

Nightwish will tour South America for two weeks in July 2000. European tour for “WISHMASTER” in September - October 2000.

Nightwish goes gold

The band will get their gold discs for the Finnish sales of “OCEANBORN” album and the three CD-singles “SACRAMENT OF WILDERNESS”, “WALKING IN THE AIR” and “SLEEPING SUN” in late May 2000!

Nightwish to tour Europe

Nightwish will start their European tour on 11. November. We will publish the giglist as soon as we get it. So stay tuned!

Oceanborn releases worldwide

Oceanborn will be released in following countries this spring: Japan, Germany, France, Malaysia, South-Korea, Taiwan, Poland.