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Charts success in Finland

Nightwish’s MCD “Over The Hills And Far Away” is number one again in the Official Finnish single charts. Another great news from Finland is that the album “Oceanborn” (released 1998) entered the...

More “Over The Hills…” charts positions

Nightwish’s new CD “Over The Hills And Far Away” is on No. 97 in the german album charts. As explained in July 6th’s news, this placement does not include the sales of the limited edition DVD+. The...

“Over The Hills…” charts positions

The german limited edition DVD+ “Over The Hills And Far Away” is on No. 1 in the official german music DVD charts. Since the album has DVD-tracks as a bonus, the disc is considered a normal DVD by...

“Over The Hills…” goes gold

After being on No. 1 in the official finnish single charts for three weeks, Nightwish’s new mini-CD “Over The Hills And Far Away” has already sold gold.

“Echo” nomination

Nightwish has been nominated for the “german Grammy”, the Echo award. They are nominated for “Best New Rock/Metal” along with Guano Apes, Such A Surge, Hammerfall and Soulfly.

Nightwish releases to hit the USA

On February 6th, Century Media has released the album Wishmaster in the USA. The albums Angels Fall First and Oceanborn will follow on march 6th.

Limited editions of Tampere concert

In addition to the DVD, the Tampere gig of December 29th 2000 will be released as a limited edition audio-CD (10.000 copies) and VHS-tape (1.000 copies).

Wishmaster goes platinum

The sales of the newest Nightwish album, Wishmaster, have reached the platinum mark (40.000 copies) in Finland!

Concert in Ebersbrunn is cancelled

Nightwish’s gig in Ebersbrunn, Germany, has been cancelled because of Tarja’s illness. However, all the other shows will happen. Remember to check the latest changes from our Tour Info page.

First DVD announced

Late breaking news reveal that Nightwish has signed a contract with Spinefarm Records to release a DVD.

Nightwish books studio

Next spring, from 16th to 24th of March, Nightwish will be at the Finnvox Studios with Mikko Karmila to record two new songs plus one cover (which hasn’t been decided yet). The songs will come out...

Tuomas: Mexico - 27th to 31st of July

We are warned beforehand that in Mexico nothing works. And for a good reason. The list of things that don’t work includes at least showers, toilets, playing gear, electricity, schedules, car tires...

Greetings from South America

The South American tour is going well. All shows so far have been sold out and the band tells that they have been treated “like royalty”. Check out the discussion board for gig reports and other...

Tuomas: Panama - 23rd to 26th of July

The flight to Panama on “Aereo Boliviano” airlines which brings the horror stories about South American air traffic security to our minds. However, our prejudices were shamefully washed away when...

Tuomas: Argentina - 19th to 22nd of July

In the morning we say goodbye and head for Buenos Aires which the travel guide says to be the most boring city in Latin America. I don’t know about boring but the local night culture surprises us...