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Russia & Belarus Tour 2016

Fans in Russia and Belarus, mark your calendars! Nightwish is coming to play some music for you in May 2016! For details and tickets, check our Live page!

East Asia Tour 2016

People of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, mark your calendars! Nightwish is heading your way in April for a short East Asian tour. Check the Live page for details!

USA & Canada Tour 2016

Nightwish will embark on an extensive tour all across the U.S. and Canada starting on February 19th! Supported by the amazing Delain and Sonata Arctica, this is an amazing package that you should...

We’re coming to CZAD Festival in Poland!

Nightwish will play at CZAD Festival in Poland. The festival will take place from August 25th to 28th. Check the Live page for all upcoming tours and festivals!

The concerts in France will take place as planned

The first show of our European Tour was a magical evening filled with the universal language of music, goodwill and love. Those things will never be silenced - despite the deeply shocking events in...

Marco on the new Avantasia album

“What do Geoff Tate, Dee Snider, Michael Kiske, Robert Mason, Jorn Lande, Bob Catley, Ronnie Atkins, Olli Hartmann and me have in common with Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH? Yes, we’re all good...

Tuomas comments on Evolution Series by Nightwish

Tuomas was recently interviewed about the Evolution Series by Nightwish jewelry line, check out the video below. You can order your favorites here: The Official Nightwish Shop:

Evolution Series by Nightwish

Kalevala Koru and Nightwish will launch EVOLUTION SERIES BY NIGHTWISH jewellery collection. You can now pre-order jewellery at the official Nightwish Shop, so go to and...

Trailer #19 out today!

Right before the weekend we’d like to release our 19th trailer. You have been able to follow us in the evolution of the album ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’ and all its aspects. This 19th trailer...

South America & Mexico Tour announced

South America and Mexico, we’re coming your way! 25 SEP - RIO DE JANEIRO, Rock in Rio 26 SEP - SÃO PAULO, HSBC 29 SEP - PORTO ALEGRE, Bar Opiniao 02 OKT - BUENOS AIRES, Luna Park 04 OKT - SANTIAGO,...

Making-of video #18 revealed!

Today we reveal the 18th episode from the album-making-of-series, talking about the North American and Canadian shows during the first part of Nightwish’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” world tour....