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High-quality version of Marko Hietala’s debut solo album with BAPU audio player

Marko Hietala and Bapu are proud to announce their latest co-operation. Marko and BAPU, a company based in Finland, are introducing an audio player for Apple iOS devices using revolutionary audio technology.

Marko Hietala’s debut album has now been released in high-quality 24bit format. This version has been redigitized with a revolutionary audio technology, that produces ultimate sound quality. The version of the album is only available through BAPU audio player. Marko’s english album “Pyre Of The Black Heart” will be released 24th of January 2020.

For the first time ever Marko and BAPU are bringing the real high-end audio to your mobile devices. Your music will sound better everywhere with BAPU, in your car, in bluetooth speakers, in headsets and home stereos alike. This audio player has been designed for everyone and welcomes everybody to enjoy the best sound quality on mobile devices.

Marko and BAPU are happy to bring love into your musical life!

Marko’s album and BAPU audio player are now available in App store.

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