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Tuomas: Petrax Studio, March 2011

A week or so ago I felt the Curse of the Mummy was cast upon us. The vocal recordings were set to begin on Monday March 7th but Anette fell at her home just a few days before that and broke her rib. Thinking positive, luckily just that, from the sound of it it couldve been much worse. So now she just needs to rest and heal well before we continue, the new vocal recording date set to the beginning of April. Well take our time and do nothing half-way at this point.

So we called Marco to enter the studio for a couple of days before he left for winter holidays with his family. We figured we need to make the best of the booked studio time anyway. The first thing he told me on Tuesday was that hed slipped on his front porch and hurt his rib, not sure if hell be able to sing. At the same time Mikko (Karmila, the recording engineer) was lying in bed, sick to the core.
On Wednesday Marco was still hurting, Anette hadn`t improved at all, Mikko was still sick in bed and Tero (Kinnunen, the other recording engineer) was run over by a horse and a cart (!)

There was 3 more weeks of studio time left and I was alone sipping some Shiraz by the studios mixing console trying to come up with a counter - spell to put the poor mummys soul to rest.

Now, a week later things are looking much brighter. Marco was actually able to sing a couple of tracks thanks to Mr. Burana, Tero hurt his pride worse than his body, Mikko is back from the dead, and I just heard Anette was able to go outside for the first time in two weeks. Wonderful news! I also got all my keyboard, piano & hammond - parts recorded, we got majority of the soundscapes ala Mr. Jussi Tegelman put in place and Mikko already started the editing process. So no studio time wasted after all.
Now it
s all about waiting for Anette to get well, getting Marco to record the rest of his vocals, and flying Troy over to record his pipes and show us some of his legendary magic.

In the meanwhile, a beautiful springtime to everyone. I`ll write more soon.