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“End Of An Era” infos

Nuclear Blast has set the 2nd of June 2006 to be the release date of “End Of An Era” -CD/DVD. The confirmed tracklist is:

  1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
  2. Planet Hell
  3. Ever Dream
  4. Kinslayer
  5. Phantom Of The Opera
  6. The Siren
  7. Sleeping Sun
  8. High Hopes
  9. Bless The Child
  10. Wishmaster
  11. Slaying The Dreamer
  12. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan
  13. Nemo
  14. Ghost Love Score
  15. Stone People
  16. Creek Mary´s Blood
  17. Over The Hills and Far Away
  18. Wish I Had an Angel

In addition to this the DVD is going to include at least a SlideShow of pics from the Hartwall Show and a 55 minutes long documentary “A Day Before Tomorrow” which follows the band during the last 15 days before the Hartwall Show. The Document is edited by Timo Halo who edited and directed also the “From Wishes To Eternity - Deleted Scenes” and “End of Innocence” -“movies”.

Due to contractual reasons the Finnish release of the CD/DVD is still open. And due to the very same contractual reasons it seems that the CD/DVD is going to be released only in Europe…