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Tuomas: 25.02.2004

Cheers guys `n gals!

On January 29.-30. we went to London for the first orchestra/choir/percussion recording session. The result of these days was beyond my wildest expectations. The musicians were incredible, playing their parts beautifully, passionately, and without any rehearsals. Their musicianship was something I will never be able to comprehend. Pip Williams did a superb job with the arrangements, too. Out of the album`s 11 songs, the London gang will play in 9 altogether!!! The next session will take place next Sunday and then the album is pretty much ready for the mixing process.

Both Tarjas and Marcos vocals were done at Finnvox during the first part of February. This process went very smoothly and both of them, again, exceeded themselves. We experimented a bit with Tarjas voice and the result is fantastic. Except for one bonustrack which is the worst shit Ive ever done.

Now I`m playing my remaining parts of the keys and pianos. We found it makes more sense to do this after the orchestras and vocals.

Nemo-video editing is going fine, the cover artwork is ready, new photos are on the way, so the whole package is coming out fine.

In between the recordings weve been enjoying an overdose of Chinese food, alcohol, Hellsinki nightlife, and each others overwhelming company. (Waking up next to Tero every morning for a couple of months is beginning to make my groin itch). I also found out (in a blessed state of mind & body) what Marco truly thinks about the coversong we made… To a certain amount, I must agree with him, Haha!

Nighttime wishes,