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Tuomas: 29.12.2003

For the upcoming album we will have an honor to work with Mr. Pip Williams, who has agreed to do the orchestral and choral arrangements for the album. Mr. Williams has been working with bands like Uriah Heep and Status Quo since the 70s, and his career includes countless rock / soul / film score projects since the 60s. The actual recordings will take place at Phoenix Studios, in London. This studio and the orchestra (The Academy of St. Martins in the Field) was e.g. used by Howard Shore while recording the music for the “Lord Of The Rings” –trilogy…!!!

I met Mr. Williams 3 weeks ago in London and our musical visions and ambitions joined instantly, both sharing passion for film music. This guy is incredible and really enthuastic about working with us. I truly believe this is going to kick ass big time. I`m already counting the nights.

There will be also one finnish-language song on new album!

Tuomas / Nightwish