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Marco: 29.12.2003

Good evening from the southern seacoast of Finland. In this case “southern” is just the geological location compared to the rest of the country. The wind is at the speed of storm, and the sea swells with the melting snow and rain. I stay inside. In here there´s warmth and a twinkling christmastree. Our twins are playing with their present toycars and I, at least, have a bloated belly from all the senseless eating during the holidays.
A week before Christmas I was in Kitee playing my bassparts for the upcoming album. We had a quite nice session over there. One afternoon of soundcheck and after that three days of intensive playing and recording. We usually had a break in the afternoon to eat and to have a couple of rounds of worms at the playstation. I got my ass kicked way too many times, so I´ll take my revenge on you dear fans. The basslines and the sound will come to
kick your ass. I hope you´ll appreciate the fairness of it. The album seems to be coming together nicely. Emppu had lots of rhythmguitar stuff done already and from what I heard, he still has a very good connection between his brains and hands. Via that massive torso of his, of course.


29.12.2003 Helsinki, Finland
Marco Hietala