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Jukka: 17.11.-23.11. - Jukka’s week


Trip from Joensuu to Helsinki was pure torture like it always is. There are two things you can do in a train… Drink or sleep. We didn’t feel like sleeping…

In Helsinki Ewo picked us up and took us to the hotel Helka which is our home for a next week. At this point everything looks good. Tomorrow we’ve planned starting at 10 a clock. First we’ll pick up new heads for the drums and then take mr. Gas (HIM drummer) with us since he is supposed to help us with the drum sounds. We haven’t heard anything about him for a week but he’ll show up… We guess…


Sounds are great!!! We’ve planned of getting the drum sounds of the new album a little bit more like “natural”. Put the samples a little bit to the background just to give real sounds a little bit back up. So this time we took much more time to create the wanted sound. Gas was a HUGE help. However we started to get a little bit worried because we didn’t reached him until afternoon and we didn’t know if he was coming at all. But finally he showed up and did a great job. Tomorrow we’ve planned of starting the recording by recording 3 “bunch”-songs. The style could be described Rammstein goes Kotiteollisuus (great Finnish band). This might be a little bit misleading but that’s the best I can do right now!!!


One day of drumming behind. First thing in the morning we needed to hunt down the secret weapon to get the sounds to the final level… Dictaphone!!! We almost gave up because only thing shops were able to give was “WeDon'tHaveIt” but luckily we found out that those inventions of the devil are sold in the Anttila(supermarket). So mr. E Rytkönen went there sent the machine in a taxi to Finnvox. Then just plug in and machine inside the bass drum. Now this is what I’d call distortion…

I have to be very satisfied because even though we had some delay we reached our goal and great sounds make right for the Rammstein-beat… Or what ever it should be called…


The result of the day was various amount of some worse and some better takes. It’s surprisingly difficult to get hand and foot to hit the drumhead at the same time… Result was 3 songs so we’re in the middle of the session.

It’s quite depressive to find out that the four Hi-Hat cymbals which you bought just for the session were replaced by cymbals which were found from the corner of the B-studio(Finnvox) and which were manufactured about 1 AD and which looked pretty close like lid of the kettle. =) Luckily my new best friend small ThinChina -cymbal turned out to be very nice and it’s slashing-sound will be heard in many songs. It’s nice to find out that not all of your purchased were for vain.


It seems that disease which has been bugging Tero for a two months now has got into be. Head feel like empty barrel and I have difficulties to concentrate to anything. I hope it’s better tomorrow. We got 3 songs today but it was total torture, We took takes after takes and it just doesn’t worked like it should have. GOD DAMN!!!


A little bit better than yesterday and 3 more songs done. Only one song for tomorrow and it’s the cover-song. Can’t tell yet what it is but it will mostly be done for our own pleasure. It probably won’t be even on the actual album. Today we should drag ourselves in the SpineFeast to listen to some heavy music but we’ll see. If I’ll start to feel more confused it’s probably better to stay at the hotel. Confused and drunken drummer won’t be a very good company to anyone… But we’ll see what happens after an hour or two goes by.


First take and that’s it with the cover song. I don’t know if the reason was hang-over (yes in the late night we found ourselves from the SpineFeast) or something else. Or maybe the aim wasn’t as high as the days before and we didn’t let the little unaccurate playing bother us. Now pack the cases and back home.