Band Members

Marco Hietala

Bass & Vocals

I was born as a younger son and named Marko Tapani Hietala, completing the Hietala family of four. My birth date is 14th of January 1966. I lived my first 15 years in Tervo, a little Savonian town in Middle Finland with a total population of about 2,500. No offence, I still have friends and family there…

I’ve been hooked by music ever since I can remember. My first musical memories were my father’s lullabies and his acoustic guitar. My father’s record collection included all kinds of Jazz, Classical, Irish Folk songs, Beatles, Elvis and obscure Finnish Folk Rock albums. I started singing at the age of 11 and bashing my father’s acoustic at the age of 12. By the age of 13, I was already in my first school band called “Sabotage” (no accident there, Black Sabbath was already a huge influence along with Dio-era “Rainbow” and their ilk) playing bass and singing. Punk Rock and Metal was already our main thing.

Driven by the spark for music, at the age of 15, I left Tervo for Kuopio, a nearby town of 80,000 people. There I went to a musical high school to study classical guitar, vocals and musical theory for three years. I continued to Oulunkylä Pop and Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki for a year and a half, but eventually dropped out when Tarot got a deal for our first album in 1986 and started touring — Tarot being the first “pro” band me, my brother Zac, and the drummer Pecu Cinnari had put together in 1984.

Tarot is still alive and kicking and usually gets active when Nightwish is not. My other musical activities include studio engineering. I’ve also produced vocals for Amorphis on several of their albums. I’ve done a few years of both acoustic and electric “Classic Metal” shows with a group called “Metal Gods”. I played rhythm guitar and sung background vocals in a nine-piece Soul & 60´s Rock band for several years. I’ve also been a part of and sung or played on albums by Northern Kings, Sinergy, Sapattivuosi, Delain, Conquest, Raskasta Joulua etc. just to name a few. I write music and lyrics both in English and Finnish.

Tuomas and Ewo from King Foo Entertainment called me one November evening in 2001. They said there would be a place for a singing bass player in Nightwish and asked if I would be interested. Looks that way, doesn’t it? Thank you mates! I’ve had the time of my life!

My goals and tastes in music and life are pretty much reflected in Nightwish. I hope to be able to keep an open musical and ideological mind. I hope I can feel hair-raising moments of sheer musical thrill, whether it’s something we’ve done, a piece I’ve just heard, or a show I’ve seen. I want to be able to respect and cherish my friends and loved ones at home, in the band/bands and where-ever. I want to take pride in our moments of glory and be humbled by the privilege of existing in this multiverse of endless possibilities.

I still find it strange, even miraculous, to be a part of something that has obviously affected and touched so many lives. My respect goes to you, reader of this, as well.

Fact File


Warwick Infinity NT
Warwick Vampyre NT
Warwick “Rusty” Buzzard
Warwick/Framus Starbass/Mayfield doubleneck
Warwick/Framus Infinity/Panthera doubleneck
SansAmp PSA 1.1 preamp
Warwick Hellborg Poweramp
Warwick Hellborg Big Cab
Boss ME-50B pedalboard

Other bands

Your favorite Nightwish song(s)

Cover version of Jaakko Teppo’s, “Hilma ja Onni”

Your biggest guilty pleasure



Video games
Physical exercise
Music and musical exercises
Trying out the sausages of all the different countries
World of science
Dirty, black, ironic, sarcastic and offensive graveyard humor

Life Philosophy

I take it as it comes. No sentence can define what life is or how it should be.

Top 5

They told me to find certain top fives… I couldn’t keep it to that.

Bands, Artists & Albums

JETHRO TULL: Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses, Stormwatch, Broadsword and the Beast
RAINBOW: Rising, On Stage, Long Live Rock'n'Roll
BLACK SABBATH: The whole catalogue
TORI AMOS: Little Earthquakes
AC/DC: The whole catalogue


Schindler’s List, Original Star Wars Trilogy, Alien, Blade Runner, Terminator 2, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Exorcist, Bad Taste, Brain Dead, Pulp Fiction, Stardust, Seven, etc…

Writers & Books

Alastair Reynolds: The whole catalogue
Vernor Vinge: A Fire upon the Deep
Greg Bear: Eon
Isaac Asimov: Foundation and Robot series. Several other books…
J.R.R. Tolkien: The whole catalogue
Richard K Morgan: The whole catalogue
Alfred Bester: Stars My Destination
Frank Herbert: Dune series.
Mika Waltari: Sinuhe the Egyptian
George R R Martin, Robin Hobb, David Brin, Orson Scott Card, Larry Niven, Greg Keyes, Peter F Hamilton, Alan Campbell, Dan Simmons, etc…


Water, Milk, Grapefruit juice



A personal word to the fans

We play and sing in an independent ambitious Rock n’ Roll band. What makes us independent and allows us to continue, is the support of the fans literally. By liking our shows and albums and then buying this self produced music and the concert tickets, you also have given us this independence to do music and live our lives without the shackles and restraints of corporation led music industry.

In a way… You have made my life!
Thank you!

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