Band Members

Floor Jansen


After a high school musical, this young Flying Dutchy got hooked for life to music, singing and performing. It turned out to become a colorful career.

I was born in the snowy February the 21st in 1981. I must have liked to cold and the snow for I moved to Finland 33 years later. A choice made to learn the language and the culture of my Finnish band mates. Guys I met over 10 years ago on a European tour where my Dutch band After Forever supported Nightwish. We got along very well and always stayed in touch throughout the years. Life is full of surprises, and here I am, living in Finland and singing in Nightwish!

Back in 1997 I did an audition in a small rehearsal space from a metal band called After Forever. The guys wanted a female background singer. I loved rock and metal and bands with female singers where almost non-existing but it fascinated me. The Gathering was the band that made me want to sing in a metal band too! Then came Nightwish’s first album, and Within Temptation. I soon became the front lady in After Forever and our demo of 1999 got us a record deal. In 2000 we released our first album Prison of Desire. Recorded when I was 18 with not a single vocal lesson in my life. This would soon change when I started studying at the Rockacadamy, a new school in The Netherlands. Many albums and 6 years of studying later After Forever ended in its prime time. I decided to continue with a new metalband called ‘ReVamp. This band still exists but is currently on hold due to my intense program with Nightwish.

My studies let me to try out musical and opera, rock and metal and many more genres and singing styles. I sang on many albums and side projects for I always loved the diversity.

For a super complete, into every detail biography about me (and much more), please go to my official website

Fact File


  • Shure mics and in ear monitor sets
  • 3 way in ear system
  • My pipes :-)

Other bands

After Forever

Guest performances:
Ayreon, Star One, Epica, Doro, Soilwork, Mayan, Devin Townsend

Your favorite Nightwish song(s)

“Ghost Love Score”
And my new love: “The Greatest Show On Earth”

Your biggest guilty pleasure

I like playing the game Hay Day…


Horseback riding, working out, reading, nature, outdoor activities, making and listening to music, singing, spending time with friends and family

Life Philosophy

Love life to the max! Enjoy every moment of it, love deeply, learn what “makes you tick” and dare to chase your dreams.

Top 5


  1. Hymnes For The Broken – Evergrey
  2. Sound Awake – Karnivool
  3. After Forever – After Forever
  4. The Living Infinite – Soilwork
  5. If You Wait – London Grammar


  1. “Ghost Love Score” – Nightwish
  2. “Home” – Depeche Mode
  3. “New Day” – Karnivool
  4. “Still In The Water” – Evergrey
  5. “Sweet Curse” – ReVamp


  1. Stardust
  2. Lord of the Rings movies
  3. Schindler’s List
  4. Pan’s Labyrinth
  5. Shrek movies


  1. Galilee and books by Clive Barker
  2. Dark Tower series – Stephen King
  3. Inferno – Dan Brown
  4. The Bone Garden and books by Tess Gerritsen
  5. The Millennium Trilogy – Stieg Larsson


  1. Water from the tap at home
  2. Full-bodied red wine
  3. Islay single malt whiskey
  4. Strong black coffee
  5. Tea


  1. (Homemade) smoothies
  2. Fruits and veggies
  3. Anything with cheese
  4. Lightly or unsalted nuts
  5. Quinoa

A personal word to the fans

Thank you for your warm welcome into the Nightwish family! I hope we will have many more beautiful moments to share with music as our connecting factor, our passion and love.

Per request of the band, profiles are only available in english